Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Here we go

well, what a performance!
The PC at home is under construction. It had a problem, D decided to fix the problem and now we need to fix the fixing..hmm. Anyway, not a problem you would think as we both have smart phones, I also have a tablet, D has an Ipad and a Macbook (both work items so not always available and also Im always wary of what I put on them! ) Anyway, Ive been desperate to get posting so yesterday I decided to get a grip and use Ds Macbook, how hard could it be I thought, HA! Anyway, I even tried getting a child to help me but no luck-we are a family of non Apple users...however luckily we have a nephew who is a total Apple addict and he has just given me remote assistance on how to get pictures onto my mem card from Facebook so I can post on here. The only way I can work out to get pictures into any sort of documentation on here is via FB at the minute so I'm probably making it difficult for myself but I really cant stress myself out anymore by working out an easier Apple friendly way!

Rant over! 
Well, we have been quite productive this last couple of weeks getting some decorating done.
When we were in the process of moving we decided we weren't going to rush into decorating, that we wanted to be patient and do it 'right' and not on a really tight-just moved budget... That was until 2 weeks ago when D said "I can't stand that bloody pink any longer!" So, the plan changed. We pulled out our big pot of cream emulsion and got cracking. First we did the tiny bedroom-both 'spare' rooms were the same colour and neither of them are our bedroom but apparently it was just too much for D as he walked past them on the landing...and I will show you why:
The two bedrooms-one is a guest room and one is now my craft room were both painted in the same colour and painted very badly. The following photos are from the guest room which is a decent sized double unfortunately we didnt take any pictures of the tiny-now craft room but the decorating was of the same amazing standard and horrific colour! are you ready..here goes:

 That is the skirting board, yep you can see just how much care they took to get those edges nice and sharp! followed by the fireplace:
Again you can see the care and attention gone into the application of the beautiful pink paint..are you getting the idea of how awful this was? The thing was, when we were cleaning before we started painting, the pink paint all came off the mantlepiece with a damp cloth so why on earth was it still there?
The final glory, the window frame...no words can really explain can they?

Anyway, we got the little bedroom done first and it's amazing, I have never had a room just for me before-apart from when I was a child and had my own bedroom, this is different. It's the equivilent of D having his office and studio up in the attic and it feels so good.
Do you want to see how it looks? 

Its really the tiniest of tiny rooms but I think its going to be very useful. This is the storage area, there's two units and both are pretty full but i think theres still room for more wool-there's always more room for wool surely?

The white Ikea unit has boxes in, each is filled with a different type of yarn, one is just Stylecraft Special DK! another has chunky, another cotton DK, depending on what I have the most of. There are also pattern books and magazines stored here. The silver shelves have more 'boring' stuff in underbed boxes (for that I mean not wool!). There is a wicker basket I have had since I was a teenager-its amazing its still going-its got bear making bits and pieces in it. the stacking multi coloured round boxes have bits and pieces in them, ribbons, tiny christmas baubles etc. I'm sure these will change as I use them and find the best way for me. 

Now, the curtains were abit of an experiment-or the tie backs were. It was just after K had her miscarriage and I so wanted to be making something but I had just put away the blanket I was making for her baby and couldn't face anything big. I decided I wanted a tie back for the curtains-I knew the curtains wont really be closing and that I just wanted something pretty. I was also fairly sure this was a practice so I just used an acrylic DK-I want to get something more substantial-and maybe that will be what I bring back from our (soon) holiday. Anyway, I decided to make these tie backs in a variety of colours-you cant see the back but they go into pinks and purples. 
 Again, as it was a rushed job I simply hung them onto the hooks which is why they dont hang quite 'right'. But i really like them and the colour that they bring to the room. 

Lastly, I wanted somewhere to sit but sadly I'm not in a position to go and buy a new chair simply for me to use on the odd occasion, however, we have some garden furniture so I decided to dig one out of the cupboard-the most comfortable one ofcourse!
I added my large hexagon blanket to add abit of extra colour to the corner and I'm ready to sit for all my worth!

 Well, thats what we've been up to, the other bedroom (guest bedroom) is nearly finished so I may share that in a few days-if you'd be interested..if I can still get this machine to work!

Be well..x

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