Thursday, 21 August 2014

In my handbag I did cheat here just a little. There were some bits of paper, receipts and bus tickets that I didn't include, but to be fair they weren't exactly exciting-not that the other stuff is!

The picture is a little bit dark, unusually this is not because my camera on my phone is rubbish, it's simply because I was in a dark place-literally. I was in a pub-having breakfast with my daughter. She lives in a town that doesn't really have much in the way of nice coffee shops-the nearest they had was a McDonalds, but then that was closed down through a lack of business (!!) so we cant even go there for a chat and a coffee.

So, we went to a Weatherspoons for breakfast, which although fine, is not as good as a nice coffee and cake emporium!

While she was busy, filling in a job application, I decided to follow others and show you what I lug around with me on a daily basis. Now I'm not sure if it gives a picture of the 'true' me but here goes:

Ok, from left to right:
-Black sunglasses 'bag' no sunglasses-not sure where they are, bag worked well!
-Keys including Disney Magic Kingdom keyring (from visit to Disney Paris when kids were 3 and 6)
-Tags on keyring-Tescos clubcard, Pets at Home and a Mexican I cant remember the name of.
-Green tree perfume spray, present from daughters holiday in spain last year. Love this fragrance and have a few different products with this fragrance, so fresh and summery.
-Soap and Glory lipgloss, claims to plump up your lips...hmm. I like the sensation though!
-Number 7 Mascara, I keep this in my bag so I know where it is-I use make up very irregularly it's a handy way of knowing where it is, otherwise it would be gathering dust elsewhere, somewhere 'safe'.
-Really comfy pen, I find I write such a little now that having a comfy pen helps!
-Bright red lipstick- an experiment, an experiment best not mentioned again.
-Purses, two. Purple one underneath is my everyday purse, it's quite large and has places for cards etc and two sides for coins. Sadly the fabric side of the coin part is coming away. Hopefully it will last until Christmas-January sales are my usual purse hunting ground. Second, spotty purse. Cath Kidson treat. I use this for vouchers and similar stuff relationg to shopping but that are not used every time I shop.
-Cold and flu tablets, just a handy addition I find, not so much not that I am not working with children though!
-Packet of tissues, the ones with the extra soft addition for delicate noses-ha!
-Some tomato ketchup, just because you never know when you will need it!

Whats in yours?


  1. Other people's bag contents are fascinating arent they? But at the end of the day we all have the same basic essentials!
    I'm like you, I don't carry much these days - when y daughter was younger I used larger bags and they too would always include some ketchup!
    My small bag has keys, purse, tissues, pen and glasses in case - and loads of receipts that seem to build so quickly.
    Thanks for your comment on mine Cleo. Re: the blackberries, I avoid picking after the rain, then simply tip them into a colander and leave for an hour whilst the insects (if any) crawl away, then I freeze them in an icecream tub without washing so that I can use handfuls - i find if i wash them first they stick together which is fine if you bag them in portion sizes. I then wash them frozen before using. But I dont do anything else to them. So if you are washing them first, they're good to go in the freezer, either bagged or in tubs. Hope this helps!

  2. I usually have some paracetamol and ibuprofen in my bag too, also my inhaler and anti histamine tablets! Quite a first aid kit! And I always use the tissues with extra balsam to soothe sore noses! How very organised you are having purses with separate functions. X

    1. Hi Penny-I have to confess that the 'different purposes' excuse was simply that when I bought it. However, it does get used as that. If I get any discount coupons or club card vouchers I keep them in there and check it when we go shopping. I will also just take the spotty purse when we go on holiday and keep all my euros in there-won't bother taking my tesco vouchers though!!