Thursday, 18 June 2015

quick helloooo

hi..its been too long, no really it has...
I have no excuse other than life and the fact I've been really feeling a bit down & a bit overcome...with life, and weddings..and stuff..

So I'll just quickly pop in and tell you something highly amusing (to us). Last night we had what is known in the UK as a 'chippy tea'. It had been a long day with lots of stress and not much actually being achieved. The main stress was that all of this involved a certain wedding dress. I will probably blog about this later, so onto the main event.

We got home from manchester and D offered said 'chippy tea', I asked for a potato pie, chips and gravy...mmm gravy, a thing the north was built on. He brings it back and I open it up and it was a meat pie...'aah well, I'll just eat the pastry and throw away the dense ball of 'meat in the middle' I thought.
The tray was on the table, with aforementioned tennis ball sized chunk of 'meat' in it, suddenly Slinky Malinky, the most cosmopolitan of cats (one of his particular favourites is mushroom curry) jumps up, sniffs and steals the was almost as big as his rugby ball shaped head!. He jumped off the table, landed near Cleo, she dared to look at him so he growled-shockingly as we have had him over 10 years and he has never before growled, and then, even more shockingly he hissed at her before running away with his prize! He ate the whole of the inner pie with no help from anyone else-I had thought maybe I should chop it up-like you would for a toddler but actually after the growl/hiss incident I wasn't getting near to that bad boy!
So, thats it, my beautiful furry baby has turned into a northerner...