Monday, 18 August 2014

Recently read

As a child I had always read lots, it wasnt at all unusual for me to spend all day reading and I would love to get transported to the wonderful places in these books, where the sun always shined and where there was (usually) a large loving family. I am in reality an only child of only children who werent particularly family orientated. I loved Secret Seven and The Famous Five. Another huge favourite of mine was Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield (hope I got that right!).

As I grew older and the time came where I shared a bedroom with my (ex) husband he would hate me to have a light on in bed so reading into the night because something I used to do and not something I 'did'. With D, who is a heavy reader-for work and for pleasure it is not a problem but it is only in the last few weeks that my mind has felt settled enough to properly concentrate and I am now reading every night before I go to sleep and I am loving it again!
I am though limited to either charity shop finds or free books on my kindle as I am under a tight budget-and its always good to have money put to one side for wool :0)

Recent reads I have enjoyed have been:
Room byEmma Donoghue.
This took me a little while to get into but it was well worth sticking with. I dont want to give too much away but it's the story of a young boy and his mum and for the majority of the book they are the only characters. The book was funny in places but also so very sad. The ending didnt seem entirely satisfying to me somehow but I dont know how I would have changed it. Really good read.

A perfect home by Kate Granville.
 A Perfect Home

I loved this, I enjoyed going to bed at night to be able to get my little fix. I have already downloaded another of her books and am looking forward to getting going on it soon. The characters were very believable and so well drawn. In what could have been an unsympathetic storyline I felt the characters held out well. Nice beach read

Itsy Bitsy Spider by Willow Rose.
 Itsy Bitsy Spider (Emma Frost Book 1)
Sometimes I like books that are abit scary-I really like Karin Slaughter type thrillers and I thought thats what I was getting here. It kind of was but more supernatural in places. If you are scared of spiders dont even go there!

Tickled Pink by Christina Jones.
 Product Details
This is another one from my 'chick lit' folder. It was ok, but it didnt pull me in. Having said that I did 'have' to read it to the end to see what happened. I got it as a free read and as such have no complaints.

Darling Girls by Emma Burstall.
 Product Details
I read this about 18 months ago and loved it. The only one I have read in years that I HAD to get out at breakfast time and read before work. Cant recommend enough and I keep my eyes out for any other freebies by the same author!


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