Thursday, 20 February 2014


What a few days!
We haven't had the bad weather lots of people have in the UK and I am really grateful for that. But we did have some bad winds which led to our back gate getting broken and seeing as D was out of the country I have had to fix it by wedging a wheely bin up against it to make sure Mrs P and Flossie don't get out-as they love to be nosey! I wonder where they get that from!

While D was away we had some news that we have been waiting for ages for-it looks like we might have had an offer accepted on a house-the week before, we accepted an offer on ours! Its very exciting but I won't really be able to accept it until we get the keys!
In celebration of that I started to crochet something and I promise I will get some pictures taken as soon as possible. I am not quite sure what it will be yet-I had thought about joining in with a 'granny a day' type project, but being realistic and saying I'd be doing the equivalent of weekdays only (5 squares a week). Anyway, we got the house news and D was away, so I was on my own...and I just wanted to get going on something for the new house so I went for it. I am following the pattern for 'flowers in the snow' from this lovely page:
and I have to say I am loving it. It is going to be a great stash buster as even a really tiny amount can be used for the very middle of the 'flower'. The main difference I have made is that the outer colour on my 'thing' is a very dark blue. Again I will be adding some pictures but I am having mega PC problems today-its probably me that's the problem. (I managed to mess with my Etsy settings and thought I had completely locked myself out...when I got my tech assistant to help me remotely-my daughter on her mobile phone, she had no problems at all she uttered the fateful words "you are using your email account to sign in with aren't you? Whoops, I was using the wrong email address...don't tell her will you!!)

I then was able to deal with the huge excitement that was the first query from a customer on my Etsy shop...I saw an email notification last night but it was very late so when I have eventually accessed my messages today I was feeling so excited...until I opened the photo she had sent for me to create for was knitted! I can knit, but I've not done it for years and to be honest I just prefer crochet-nothing wrong with kniting for all you fans, its just not for me :0)

So, now I am feeling a little deflated in the shop-type way, but am happy that people are accessing my little shop, I am also feeling more than a little excited but fearful about the house sale-only fearful about it maybe not going through, everything about the house is good and it will be 'our' first home after all this time (I moved into D's house so its always been just his, so this will be different)...right I better get going with my huge list of jobs but I think after the massive stress I just had due to my lack of techy-ness I need a coffee
See you soon!

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