Thursday, 13 March 2014

been awhile..

I think maybe I need to explain my long (ish) absence. The last time I posted we had just accepted an offer on our house and been accepted with our offer on what (may) is going to be our new house-I cant get too positive about it incase I jinx it all. We are still plodding along with this takes a while, although we saw our finances guy the other day and he said it could go through within 4-6 weeks, with that in mind and with my usual pessimism I'm thinking 8-10...who knows!

The other thing that has kept me away is that I have been! Not ridiculously ill, just ill...but it kind of dragged on and I was given medication that made me very sleepy and kind of 'I cant be arsed with anything'. Its something I have had before (kidney stones) so I knew when things were getting bad and when I needed help. It has also involved months of me feeling uncomfy and people saying "go to the doctors!!" in angry and concerned ways and then me saying "no, its not bad enough yet!" Then suddenly it was bad 'enough'. Im fine now, it looks like some of the stones have 'passed', I'll let you work out what that means but I also think some are hanging on as I still have a grumbly sort of ache. I am also still waiting for an appointment to go to the hospital for a scan to confirm I have got kidney stones...less said about that the better or I will get a bit grumpy.

Anyway, I have had a bit of a hiatus, simply because I spent quite a while not being able to sit up..then a while just feeling shattered followed by this last week of gradually getting myself back into it. I made a very small blanket for a friend of my daughter whos baby was born far too soon to make it and that in itself took it out of me -emotionally and physically. I didnt take a picture of it, but it was beautiful I think, I made it as pretty as I could in the short time I had and I am hoping it will have helped.

In my last post I mentioned I had started a new project for the 'new' to us house. I think I said I was making a 'runner' using this  brilliant pattern for our Poang  chair however, I have changed my mind and I have made two  5 x 5 squares that are currently being edged and will become covers for our dining chair cushions. My question is, bearing in mind I like my home to be a little different, would you do all four cushions with a dark blue 'frame' for the squares or would you use a different colour for each one? I have just gone to take some pictures and the camera battery is dead I PROMISE I will take some pictures and include on the next post...but, any thoughts anyone? I am liking the idea of different colours and my inital idea is to do one in ( look here ) meadow, one in a violet and the 4th in an oatmeal that I cant seem to find but that I have lots of...what do You think?

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