Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Nothing much to see here..

Bit of a slow few days blog-wise. Been too dark to take pics really and I've been busy with other stuff so not much to post anyway...we're in the middle of some house stuff that takes time but isnt photogenic..and the weather generally does not lend itself to interesting walks or visits.

The chickens have been very funny this last few days, living up to their 'silly' name. We, I'm ashamed to say still have got our Christmas tree, Ive been trying to take some small bits off and burn them but its been so wet and we only have a chimenea to put it in so I was fighting a losing battle really. Anyway, we had a viewing on the house so I thought I'd better move it, what with it being February now :0/   
So I put the tree in the flower bed that the 'girls' have, (used to be a flowerbed until they and their predecessors adopted a scorched earth policy as D says), so there's lots of bed and not much flower now! Anyway, before I let the girls out of their run the other day I propped the tree against the compost bin. I went out a couple of hours later and they weren't outside which is very unusual whatever the weather. when I went out later it was starting to go dark so they'd gone to wasn't til the next day I realised they were boycotting outside. I stayed outside for a while, pottering and trying to tempt them out..but no, they were too busy staring at the tree! By late afternoon they had obviously had enough and went out, but not near the tree. Just in case anyone's worried, their food and water is 'inside' where they were waiting/sulking. They're back to normal now, even Flossie who nearly had a very embarrassing accident today when the open gate blew shut while she stood behind it so it nearly pushed her flat on her beak..luckily shes a fast mover and got out of the way by shoving Mrs P in the other direction.

Seeing as there's no pictures of anything productive, how about a picture of a sad looking cat

During the very hot summer he got far too warm so there were regular damping downs to be had...he didn't like it but I'm sure he felt better afterwards!

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