Friday, 14 February 2014

 I found this list of questions here >

and thought it might be was until I managed to delete everything when i got to number 10!

1. What scares you?
Worms. I had a horrible experience when very young where, as a joke, my dad threw some soil at me when he was gardening, it went into my wellies and there was at least one worm in it. It has always affected me, not as much now but its still there.

2. What is your favourite word?
"Good morning"...from D

3. Who was the last famous person you saw in real life?
 I rarely spot anyone but when we were in New York in 2012 D tried to convince me that someone I couldn't see was Richard Nixon. It took me a minute or so to realise he's dead (1994) When I turned round it was a funny looking old gentleman with an afro- and thinking about it, it could have been Phil Spectre. However, I won because the next day, I did see someone famous, it took me ages to work out who it was though. It was Loretta Switt the actress. (she was 'Hotlips in MASH)

4. What was the last film you went to see and why did you choose that one?

Gravity. I heard a lot about it before it came out and it just sounded interesting.

5. How much cash is in your purse right now?
Probably just over or just under £5. I'm like the Queen I rarely carry any cash.

6. Which piece of clothing do you most regret buying?
Not sure, but it will be shoes, I often buy shoes hoping for the best and try to squeeze my weird feet in them!

7. What's the oddest compliment you've ever been paid?
I was teaching a three year old boy. He was doing something that he shouldn't and he saw me seeing him. He immediately stopped and smiled very sweetly at me and said "aaw you're nice you aren't you? Obviously a charmer.

8. Which book do you love so much that you want to buy a million copies and thrust them at people?
The Time Travellers Wife. It really drew me in and the depth of their feelings for each other was so moving.

9. What's your karaoke song?
I dont do karaoke but I do sometimes singalong when I'm on my own. The last time was yesterday singing with Adam Ant on TV...I was 13 again!

10. Were you named after anyone?
I was named after a song title. It came on the radio when I was at work one day and I mentioned that little nugget of information to my supervisor. Her reply was "were you? What's it called?"

11. If I gave you £1000 right now, what would you spend it on?

I would love to say something really silly and interesting to make me sound more interesting, but actually I would probably add it to our savings as we are in the middle of buying a new house..boring I know

Feel free to have a go at the questions, let me know if you do though-I'M very nosey!

I hope everyone is safe and cosy in this horrible weather. Stay safe

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