Saturday, 1 February 2014

Etsy shop

I have just added a link to my Etsy shop. I'm not sure if I will get any business this way but I thought it must be worth a try. I have only got three items listed right now but I am also able to offer items to order, starting with variations of the items listed.

The first item is a ripple blanket made for a relative of my partner to give to another family member. She was absolutely thrilled, telling the newborn that this was his 'forever' blanket. I was so touched and thought what a lovely way to describe the blanket that I have decided to use it in my descriptions.
I had been trying for a long time to 'crack' the ripple pattern so I was so happy to be able to manage it for such a special item. You can also see wobbly bear in this picture, he is kind of wedged, tummy sticking out in a grumpy manner. Even the beautiful rainbow he was sitting on didn't cheer him up!

The next listing two listings are the same pattern and layout but the different colour schemes make a big difference i think.

This is probably one of my favourite things I've ever made if I'm honest. Its quite a simple design and I'm always a bit unsure of my colour choices, but this one is just right, I love it. Different bear this time, one I made. She has a little smile and what is supposed to be a flower band on her head, shes a bridesmaid don't you know :0)

Lastly, the second flower blanket but this time a very girly one. Back to wobbly ted for this one, again he's wedged and looking a little happier this time. Again, I really like this one it's very fresh and I think having both the pink and lilac rather than just one colour throughout calmed this one down. I think just one colour may have been a little too giddy.

I hope you like them, have you got any favourite 'forever' things? I'd love to see, x


  1. Hi Cleo, thank you for your comments on my blog. Your blankets are lovely, I especially love the colours in the ripple blanket. Good luck with your Etsy shop. Have a good week.
    Jane x

  2. Your blankets are just lovely! The middle one looks like a field of sunflowers. A "forever" blanket is a wonderful name. I've been playing around with a ripple pattern lately and am looking forward to starting a ripple project. x

    1. Thanks Gillian, I love your description of the field of sunflowers- its only a small car seat sized blanket but a big one would be great!
      Good luck with the ripple blanket, took me a few goes to 'get it' but i love the results!
      I've been keeping up with your blog for a while and you have some beautiful things-I especially like the colours you are using for your Grannys at the moment!

    2. Ive just realised I used your sugar scrub 'recipe' for some of my Chistmas presents!!

  3. Thanks Jane for the lovely comments-Since I started this blog I am finding so many other blogs that I am loving reading, an unexpected advantage!! I have got yours on my favourites list now!