Friday, 31 January 2014

Rainy days

Yet another miserable day or maybe that's just me!
I started a project last friday full of good intentions-I'd probably be able to get it all done and finished over the weekend, it was only granny squares, how hard would that be!
Well, a week later it's still not done! On Saturday D offered me the chance to go out for the day, a drive out. I asked to go to the sea! so, off we set, then the rain came, it was truly torrential, the motorway was packed, flashing lights everywhere slowing us down. In the end we came off and ended up going for lunch instead, still a nice day, just not the one we had expected. Sunday, I dont even know where Sunday, or even Monday went. So I only had the chance to do a little of the project. Anyway, I plodded on, needing to do 30 squares, not a huge amount. I got about 26 done and decided now was the time to block them and sew the ends in to give myself a change. And here, some of them are:
When I was choosing the yarn, I had D help me and the brief was that I wanted shades of purple (we added a kind of washed out pink as well) but looking at them on this blue and white plate it looks much more blue. I do like it...but...I'm not sure and to add to that I have started joining them using a slip stitch and now I have got 8 joined I realise i prefer it with the seam showing if that makes sense-I have sewn it so it ends up with a flat face and i prefer the back...hmm there's very little chance of me being able to undo the joins, I could just make another 8 squares and start joining again, but that will mean I need to order more of the main colour....aaargh! I'll have to think it over, maybe have a chat with D-that often helps because he sits and nods and I talk it through and work out whats the best thing to do without any real input from him although without him listening its just not the same!

Anyway, today was so miserable I resorted to taking pictures of inside flowers. The rain was really coming down at the time, ignore the pot outside the window, that's what I'm trying to do!
Aren't they beautiful-the best 90p I've spent in a while! I got them just over a week ago and all the buds were tightly closed, now they're shouting out to be looked at! I got two tubs of these little daffodils and also a bigger pot of these:

I LOVE purple so these are just fantastic, again only a few pennies but so beautiful. I'll leave you with an even closer-up!
Be well

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