Sunday, 26 January 2014

New blanket

A few weeks ago I decided that I quite fancied making an 'Elmer' blanket. They are quite different to the ones I've made before which have tended to be either multi coloured granny squares-both large & small or stripey-horizontal or rippley. I got the pattern from the one listed on  It was extremely easy to follow and very straightforward. I even picked up a really useful hint: this will probably take me longer to type than do, but here goes.. When you are joining a corner of a square and you have for example a chain of 6 & you need to find the stitch to slip stitch into (usually 3rd of 6 chains), instead of counting up from 1st stitch, count down from the 6th, it really is MUCH easier! I apologise if everyone in the world knows this apart from me but maybe if it helps one person it's a good thing.
Anyway, back to the Elmer blanket, I was happily plodding on, loving the way there were blocks all of one colour and then I remembered a blog I'd looked at over a year ago-we had a trip to New York and I was looking for a shop to visit while we were there. During a break I looked up this blog- purlbee (and some others) and here I found this beautiful image:

And that was that! I had a little experiment and added two white outer rows to the rainbow rows of red then orange and yellow, then green, then blue and finally purples of shades such as indigo, violet and lilac. I was very happy, so my Elmer blanket became a Mondrian blanket-until I realised that actually Mondrian's pictures don't look anything like that, but the name has stuck for me! 
So, here is my Mondrian blanket, it's only small-big enough for in a buggy or a car seat:
That's Ted sat on the blanket -dont worry he always looks like that-his head always has a severe wobble-so sever in fact that he has a rather large needle stuck from the back of his head to the top of his back...think it was coming a little loose there! The pictures at the minute are very dark-I was desperate to take some pictures and even with 4 very bright bulbs shining down and another lamp shining directly at the blanket it still looks quite dull-it was actually still light when these were taken!
Here's another shot..the dolls aren't hiding anything, I was experimenting with the pictures-it seems i have temporarily lost my camera so these were taken on an I-pad which doesn't work very well i don't think...ahh well...

The only other thing to say is, the chickens....well we have two and one of them suddenly moulted. If you have chickens you will understand what I mean by 'suddenly moulted'!...she went to bed normal one night the next morning she had probably lost half her body weight in feathers on Christmas eve-eve, anoyingly I didnt get any pictures of her, but she was something like this

She gradually got worse until she was much worse than that photo. But by Friday just gone, she'd pretty much fully feathered again, so well done Mrs P!! Now we're just waiting for her to start laying again-hers is the bigger of the two eggs so you can see why we are hoping she will start laying soon as managing with just the little eggs from Flossie isnt easy!

Be well!!

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