Thursday, 23 January 2014

New year getaway

Instead of giving each other presents at Christmas myself and D decided we would have a few days away. We had a lovely relaxed time here:

and we really can't recommend it enough if you want complete relaxation. We spent a couple of days just in the cottage and went for the occasional walk to either look at the extremely unsociable sheep-who just seemed to want to wee in our general direction as we passed, or further down the lane to see these beauties:

At this point I did wonder why on earth hadn't I brought my clippers! Although I'm guessing that although they looked friendly me being able to trim them for my own wooly purposes was probably never going to happen!!
While were away relaxing I obviously had taken some wool and my hooks with me and in those few minutes between making stuff i was also looking online for ideas of new projects and some nice reading-I love reading peoples blogs and being nosey! During this time I found this blog:
I had a really good look around and found a page with something that looked so beautiful and simple and very different to anything Ive made before:
I finally got round to having a go yesterday, however, I was on my own-it says on the blog that you really need a second pair of hands (or finger) but I decided I'd give it go anyway-I didn't think a very furry Persian cat would be any help..she tries but even so..and she seemed to be in a very bad mood yesterday...

anyway, I did it, this is my tea-light (Pictures not great, the light is terrible here now...that's my excuse anyway!!)

I couldn't take a picture of it lit because that did terrible things to the picture. However, it does look very pretty and I will be making more! (I've just noticed its a bit lop-sided...adds to the homemade I'm on the lookout for unusual shaped jars now-this was a Bonne Maman jam jar, and i have a similar honey one that is being saved for the same purpose..

Off to shut the chickens away and check for eggs..see you soon!

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