Thursday, 16 January 2014

All about me..

This is the first blog here and i thought it might help to say a little bit about me. 
I am a 40 something mum of two adult kids. 
My partner and I are engaged to be married but this is not imminent-possibly in the next 12 months or so. 
We have a small selection of pets including two Persian cats who are truly amazing in both good and bad ways. I never thought I would be one of those people who talked to their pets and who believed that their pets understand every word. However, i am now! The only problem being that they take no notice whatsoever! Here are the terrible two...
I would like to make one thing clear, we only have these mad pedigree animals because they needed a home, we did not buy them and to be honest we would be as delightfully happy with two grumpy old moggies, but they came into our family and there they will stay. We are their third home (maybe more) and have possibly lived here for the longest stretch of their lives. We do not know if they are related as their papers do not make it clear...they tolerate each other tho..and us.

We also have some chickens-only two at the moment. We started off in 2012 with four ex battery chickens who came to us (or we collected them more precisely) on the day they were released from a battery farm. Within a few minutes they had settled themselves in even if they were in a very sorry state. 
The girl at the front was probably in the worst condition of the lot, she had very few feathers at all, and just like the others her 'glove' (think Feathers McGraw in 'The wrong trousers') was very floppy and pale. However that night we put them to bed-they didnt know where to go and the next morning one of them had laid! They settled in well and lasted between 1 and 2 years. 
As I said, we only have two girls at the minute but when we move we may well get another two or three.

And finally, my other passion is this:
Crochet, not knitting!! Anyone who does one and not the other will understand the need to get it right!! I am (maybe) a little bit obsessive about my wooly stuff and mainly enjoy doing blankets and the like...thought I would finish now with a bit of a crossover picture...its the first blanket I made and if you look carefully there's more than one cat getting in on the act!

See you soon xx


  1. A lovely introduction. There's lots to like here already, and three things have caught my eye straight away. The cutest cats, then of course the gorgeous crochet, and I see a certain Mr Nile Rodgers featuring up there too!! You have impeccable taste. Thanks for stopping by my page, I'll be back to visit :)