Wednesday, 19 March 2014

As promised...
I mentioned last time I'd been making some cushion covers for when we move-to go on the dining chairs. Well Ive very nearly finished one but seeing as today is the first day in over a week when we've had decent light to take pictures I thought I better go for it!
This is the pretty much finished cover-I'm in the process of doing the seams.
Not sure whats happened there but it looks like the picture is upside down! Ah well, you get the idea. I love the Dark blue and after speaking to D I think I will be doing the other 3 in dark blue as well. 

I have got nearly enough circles done for the next one and am loving the ease of the pattern, I am not usually able to crochet and do something else-eg chat to someone but this one, I can give a very good impression of someone doing this. 
Im not great at sewing in the ends as I go, I like to get a few done and then do them all-so I will choose 25 for the first side of the next cushion and do those before sewing them together. 

Other than my crochet I am still keeping busy with my seedlings. They are doing really well even if I do have far too many!
These are the courgettes, I think we have about another 6 plants at the same stage and this will be it for this plant-I read somewhere recently that 2 plants will do for the average family....hmm 
I have grown courgettes before and was really successful so I am not really too worried about them. 
I also started off doing 'just a few' tomato plants and ended up with 32 sprouting. I have disposed of some that werent really doing too well and we now have around 22 left. They are doing well but although they were planted at the same time as the courgettes they are much smaller (probably a good job as we are running out of window sill space!)

I have also planted some peas (some inside, some outside) but no real sign of them yet and some flowers-the sweet peas are doing well and will be potted on this week and some others that I have read are good for companion planting that are just starting to make an appearance. 
These are all in the hope that in the next few weeks we will be in our new home. If we aren't we are going to have a yard that is full of pots..and some very happy chickens!
Do you grow anything and maybe have some handy tips for me as a relative newcomer..?

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