Sunday, 23 March 2014

Poorly Cleo cat...

 I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before, but we have a visitor, a feline visitor. We are looking after her while a family member is unable to-she should be here til about June/July. Now, our cats dont really mix with others as they dont go outside of the backyard unless they are supervised.
This is for a couple of reasons. Firstly when D got them, they were about 6 years old and had always been house cats so they have never really got used to it and secondly because they are pedigree cats, I am not entirely convinced someone wouldnt try to take them-we were burgled one and Cleo went missing, we were both devastated for an hour or so until she turned up, I was secretly imagining someone taking her in a pub and selling her to someone who thought they could breed her. Luckily she had not got far-infact only as far as the living room curtains...for a cat of very little brain she did very well!! 

There she is being all brave and seeing the nasty burglars off (snigger)

Anyway, back to the visitor. She doesn't like Cleo or indeed Slinky, but especially Cleo Because she is very nosey and also very friendly, new cat hates this and shows it every time she sees a very hissy and sometimes smacky way and on Thursday afternoon Cleo was at the rough end of another smack, no big deal she just lay back down and continued snoring.
But, when I came back a couple of hours later her eye was all gunky. I bathed it with cooled boiled water, she wasn't happy at all. By that night it almost (or indeed did) look like her 3rd eyelid was coming out, it was horrible and she looked even more miserable than normal!
The next morning we took her straight to the vet, he examined her (after we had poured her out of the cat box) and said it was possible the smack had done it, but that the eye was definitely damaged and had become infected but the infection was caused by her rubbing it. He has given her some daily drops and we continue to bathe it each day as well. Additional to that, she now has to wear a big cone on her head..which causes much hilarity around these parts, although we are very sympathetic and letting her get away with things not normally allowed round these parts.

And here she is just after the doctors-she has dye seeping out of her eye, shes not really radioactive!

I never even thought about it before but because of the cone not only is it difficult for her to walk through doors, cat-flaps and the like, its also very hard for her to get up steps-shes only tiny and she kind of has to jump and now the bottom of the cone gets in the way so she sort of has to leap with her arms stretched right out-it doesn't stop her from getting upstairs, she just does it in a more amusing way now! Another difficulty for the 'coned' cat is also eating, again, the cone gets in the we set up a special feeding station - its an upside down philladelphia cheese tub (empty) so that they food is high up so she can get to it..except she still uses the bowl and smears the food allover her new plastic accessory.....with the extra plus that she can sit for hours licking the stinky inside of her cone as she cant reach any of her furry bits now!

She is due to go back to the vet on Friday but the vet seemed to think she would heal well and be back to normal by then...but the cone stays til then!

Hope you haven't had to start wearing any plastic cones round your necks to stop you scratching...but if you have please post pictures!!

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