Monday, 19 October 2015

 The Honeymoon

It seems like such a long time ago, but its not actually over yet, more of that later..

We had organised the timing of the wedding to fit around D's working times and he had been very lucky to be able to book a chunk of time off in August. We have, for the last several years gone to Amsterdam for the August bank-holiday weekend (in the UK) as there is a great (for us) arts festival on at this time. It is all free and there's some really wonderful and weird stuff going on. 

So, we decided that we wanted to get married on the saturday before our 'usual' Amsterdam weekend. We have been so many times now that we have been lucky to find a lovely apartment in a great location and when we got there this time the owners of the apartment had even bought us this..
Anyway, that was the second part of the honeymoon..for the first part D's brother and his mum had for our wedding present rented us a classic car for a couple of days (an Etype Jag, and a beautiful thing it was too)..I'm not really interested in cars but even I could appreciate this one..and they had also booked us a night in a lovely country house in Yorkshire..want to see some photos?

This is the gable end of the hotel, the gardens were beautiful and we had a lovely sunny and dry time there so we sat and had a picnic we had taken on the first day just enjoying our surroundings. The first floor window you can see was our bathroom window, you cant see the bedroom one but its to the right of the bathroom.

I have also added pictures of our room, it is likely to be the most luxurious hotel room we ever stay in and I would really recommend the hotel!

Amazing room

More amazingness

Really wish I'd moved that charger lead now! Strawberries and Champagne..mmm

  It was a lovely relaxing couple of days and will always be a fantastic memory for will the second part of the honeymoon which was our stay in Amsterdam. 

  As we have been many times I suggested that we try and do some different things than just our normal 'stuff'. I did a little research before we went and came up with visiting a Jenever bar-the equivilent of Dutch gin..except this place has hundreds of different types 

it might look like a bit of a dodgy e-mail link but believe me its not! These are two of the drinks we tried, D had an old jenever and I had a raspberry one. I can't say that I liked D's but mine was amazing, as were the two that the bar man made for us next. The drinks are served in a tulip shaped glass and filled to the very top, so full that you cannot lift it and you have to bend over a take a sip also known as 'bowing to the barman!'

Not sure who Deryck is...
We also went to a lovely rooftop bar on the top of a big department store right across from the royal palace and sat enjoying the sun. 
We went on the ferry across to the old harbour and generally relaxed and recovered from the stress of the last few days. 

So that was that..we had jokingly called our honeymoon(s) our mini and we were hoping to get to New York again next year..however, things have taken a bit of a different turn and D is going to Wisconsin at the beginning of November for a couple of, we decided to see what we could afford and arrange and we are going to New York next week and then onto Wisconsin...for our maxi-moon!


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