Friday, 2 October 2015

Final wedding 'bits'

I cant believe it was only or indeed was as long ago as a month..five weeks..

In my defence, I have been absent (again) as I have had a horrible virus that D then got straight after and we have both been wiped I'll try and do the final bits of wedding stuff and get it out of the way.

We had a really fabulous day, I had got up to the Registry Office last time, with our choice of readings and music.

Following the ceremony, we came back to our home and had food, drinks, champagne, cakes etc with our family and friends. This was exactly what we wanted..the whole idea of a big party, with a disco and all that goes along with it would simply not have been us. So, instead people came here and we had a room with 'normal' food-what I mean by that is the normal buffet type food you would expect. (we had this provided by caterers who were here when we got back from the ceremony). It was great to not have to worry about it. We also had the wedding cake positioned in this room. D's cousin made it for us, I know I have talked about this before but she did a truly amazing job-bringing the various parts up to the house and assembling it all the afternoon before-even needing step ladders to put the last tier on!

She would probably want me to tell you that the cake was intentionally wobbly! Rather than a traditional bride and groom topper we had an Alice in wonderland themed 'Eat Me' topper to go with all the other Alice themed things like 'Drink Me' labels on the champagne and beers, a dormouse in a teacup, a 'mad' chandelier made of teacups and a flamingo, a mad hatter hat with 'in this style 10/6', bunting made from playing cards..ooh and some large white pom-pom 'roses'..some which were partially painted red.

In the next room-where we had music (our own playlist of songs that mean something to us, or just that we really like) we also had another cake, and I'm really upset I didnt take a picture of this one. It was three tiers of cheese decorated with figs and grapes.

In the next room, we had a sweet bar-again no picture, what was I thinking!! About a dozen jars and bowls with a variety of veggie sweets-I decided to forgo a colour theme as there were a lot of veggies attending the wedding-my husband (!) included.

Outside we had a small gazebo with bottled, canned and home brew  beers again, no picture. 
We had great weather-even though thunder had been predicted, it was beautifully sunny all day until about 9.30pm when there was an almighty thunder storm and the beer tent/gazebo had to be abandoned until the next morning when we found it wedged inbetween various walls!

All in all it was a great day, and pretty much exactly as we wanted..if I could have changed anything I would have made it longer!
And here's one of our favourites from the big day..

Next time..the honeymoon..!

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  1. It sounds like a lovely day! And, you know, while it's good to have photos to help you remember, just having the memories (even if it's a "D'you remember the cheese - cake?" conversation later on in your married life) is the best! Photos can disappear, but you can hold onto your memories longer...