Saturday, 11 April 2015

What I did on my Easter holidays..

The short answer to that would be "not much"! Except when you stop and look at it actually there's actually a fair amount been done, only it's maybe not as exciting as I was hoping for.

I have got lots of seeds planted-tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, courgettes, all things I have had an amount of success with but this year I have tried some new things including sweet corn-first sprout pushing through this morning, brocolli and cauli-they came up in about 4-5 days and there are millions of them! Peas and beans doing well and some butternut squash. On a more flowery note I have planted a full packet of sweet peas that are doing very well-they will need to be put into bigger pots this week..they are very important as we want the flowers for the wedding reception..I will be planting another packet of them in a week or so to try and stave off any emergencies.

We have bought three raised beds, two small ones and 1 larger one-I'm not too sure about the longevity of the larger one even tho the wood was supposedly treated to give it 'long life'. (I was going to insert a picture here but the only one I have of our veg plot looks terrible and the raised beds aren't even on it so I'll wait til i no longer feel ashamed of it!)

We did manage an afternoon out and a lovely one it was! On Easter Sunday we headed over to the Yorkshire sculpture park  and had a couple of hours there. The weather was lovely and I had cobbled together a small 'picnic tea' and a flask of nice coffee which made it extremely good value for money! You don't have to pay to get in just for parking which was £5 for up to 2 hours or £8 for the whole day, I would much rather have done the whole day thing but by the time we got organised and got there it was 3pm!

I especially liked a Barbara Hepworth piece and again was rather taken by this Anthony Gormley-we have been to see his installation on the beach 'another place' and really felt quite moved by it.

 So, that was my Easter, what about yours?


  1. I have always wanted to visit here. Barbara Hepworth was a rather fabulous woman. I visit her garden in St Ives as often as I can manage.
    Leanne xx

  2. its well worth visiting, the first time we went last year it was just as the bluebells were flowering in the woodland area and was beautiful! Might be a bit too far for a day trip tho! Maybe we should do a house swap so I can visit her gardens and you an visit the sculpture park!! Lol