Friday, 27 March 2015

Glass- things that make me happy

Something that I have really loved as a thing of beauty for quite some time is glass. I began collecting in a small way pre children so a loooong time ago!

The photos I have taken are not great-again having to use my camera phone doesn't produce the greatest results. Anyway, when we moved to our home last year it was fairly obvious to me that the place to put all my (not a huge amount of) old bottles was on the 'Lancashire range'.

 As we have such horrible wall paper in that area of the house I had to put some plain paper behind the bottles to stop anyone viewing them from being dazzled! (I apologise if anyone has and loves this wallpaper, I am sure if you have chosen it you love it, however, we did not choose it and definitely do not love it and it just doesn't 'go')

Some of these bottles are old photographic ones, used for holding developing chemicals. One is etched with 'Developer Number 1', another with 'Developer Number 2' and the third from the same amateur photographer has a raised line with the words 'Acid Line' on it. I know where these came from-an old lady who's long dead husband dabbled with photography and it makes me happy to think of him in his shed or bathroom with these beautiful glass bottles.
The other bottles are ones that I have picked up over the years and I tend to go for interesting ones with a label or some writing etched or raised in the glass.
I wonder what 'Flowers of Sulphur' were-scrap the query, theres 'POISON' in raised letters on the neck of the glass...hmm
,  I am sure that I know what its neighbour held, each edge has raised lettering spelling out "Favourite, Daddies and Sauce'. There is also a small bottle of Lung Tonic. Its quite sad that these days our bottles of sauces or medicines are simply that, a bottle with something in it, not things of beauty anymore.

We regularly travel to Amsterdam-if once a year can be called regularly, the fact we go on the same weekend each year makes it regular for me I think! Each time we go anywhere I like to bring 'a thing' back as a reminder of a happy time and one year we went to an eclectic shop near Keizersgracht and I was happy to see they had lots of glass-modern but I was drawn by the colours. I got 4 of these balls-one has fallen down from the window so it missed having its picture taken, that'll learn it! When we go to Amsterdam we only ever take hand luggage and I can remember wrapping these glass spheres in socks and then t-shirts and hoping for the best before placing 2 in each of our duo of rucksacks. Happily they survived and now I see them several times each day as the hang on either side of the french doors and it often makes me think back to the city that I love so much.

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