Thursday, 26 February 2015

Wedding stresses and dresses

It's now officially less than six months to D (or W) day, and yes, I am getting very stressed about the whole thing. We are having a 'small' day. In theory I was imagining around 20 guests. We are now up to 42...the registry office seats 40. I am spending some time each day hoping that maybe some of our guests will have a holiday or another, more important wedding to go to. I hate the idea of being the centre of attention, I would like it to be just me and D and some random witnesses or just witnesses who mean lots to us. I would also be happy to go away and do the deed-I have done the whole wedding thing before, however, D hasn't, his mum has never seen him do this and I couldn't take that away from her-or him.

So, where are we up to? 42-ish guests, all pretty much D's family, many of which are now friends of mine. We are having a registry office wedding and then our friends will be joining us back at the house for champagne, probably some cocktails and food.

A nice simple day, so what on earth am I stressing about? Well, there's the cake...I REALLY and I mean REALLY, REALLY would like a naked wedding cake, if you don't know what I mean look here: Naked cake
I really don't like the whole fruit cake, marzipan etc. so this seems like an ideal choice. It also seemed fairly obvious that it would be easy to make...except I don't really bake, but as a number of people have said, it's only a Victoria sponge, multiplied by several. I was up for doing this til I read last night that it would need to be assembled on the day. When I told D this he put his foot down and said no. No I am not allowed to make the cake-he knows how stressed I get over stuff and this (probably correctly) would be a step too far on the morning of the wedding. I a looking at other options, including an iced cake :0( we could buy different tiers, with different fillings, still iced though..hmm.

We are now in the process of buying 'stuff' for the wedding. We are also having a 'sweet bar' as an addition to the buffet, just as abit of the 'cheese-cake' we are also having. Cheesey!
This is a particular treat for D-he's abit of a cheese monster on the not-so quiet! main stresses are-getting food ready for the 'not so big' day. Sorting a cake, we have agreed to bite the bullet and buy a ready made cheese cake-it will be slightly dearer but not enough to make it a ridiculous spend. Getting decorations ready-I've bought the tissue paper and am going to have a go at making some Pom-poms...Oooh, did I mention the photo-booth?

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