Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Singing cat

I'm fairly sure I have mentioned before that our beautiful boy Slinky likes the odd song, usually at night but more recently just whenever the fancy takes him. The fancy usually takes him several times a day now and as long as he can't see you off he goes. When I say 'as long as he cant see you I really do mean this, he will go and look at a wall and sing, as soon as you make any noise he will stop and 'mew' instead. At first D thought it was some sort of separation anxiety but he now does is when we are less than 3 feet from him so it seems less likely!

Anyway, at weekend we called at a local antiques centre and while I was looking in a cabinet I spotted this:

A cat teapot, but not any old cat, a singing cat....more importantly, it even has the same face the Slinx 'does', he also puts out the bottom of his jaw, pushing at far forward as he can before he gives it what we call 'the whole Whitney'. I can honestly say that if this wasn't £78 I would have been bringing it straight home with me. A friend suggested I should have tried to knock the dealer down but to be honest unless they were prepared to drop to single figures its very unlikely I would have been in a position to put my hands in my very long pockets sadly. Next time we call in at the centre I will be looking to see if it's still there and if there's any decrease in the price!

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